First Person Shooter Maps

Back in the days when first person shooters were in their infancy, I used to design maps for some of them, especially Quake. I invite you to download them and have a match or two for some real nostalgia.

There are still loads of started maps and discarded ideas hidden deep in my hard drive and who knows, maybe they will see the light of the web one day as well.

Kadath (gomdm6)

A tribute to Quake. Using only textures that have been shipped with the original Quake, Kadath is a successful attempt in recreating the original Quake feeling, spiced up with some interesting architectural features. The fairly horizontal layout adds to this, without reducing the fun of playing.

Game: Quake Deathmatch
Size: 2 - 4 players
Released: October 3, 2003

I usually don't download new releases - cause I'm hip, bitter and jaded, you all know that. But I'm a hopeless Gom fanboi - so this time I did. Rocks like Springsteen on speed, good job.


Pointless Violence (gomdm2v2)

The idea behind Pointless Violence is simple: A new version of Hammer Down utilizing the computing power of modern PCs and with slight changes to the layout. On these conditions I was able to create a visually original level design that manages to reach the limits of the Quake technology and combine it with the well proven playability of Hammer Down.

Pointless Violence
Game: Quake Deathmatch
Size: 1 on 1
Released: May 22, 2003

Rebuild of GomDM2, Hammer Down, that comes across quite nicely. Very original and stylish visual design, with nicely curving walls, moody lighting, and some unique texturing. Plays a little more streamlined than the orginal, making Pointless Violence Gom's least pointless map. Great work.


Herzblut (gomdm5)

Originally an experimental map to test shadow effects, Herzblut eventually developed into a map for up to eight players. Although I have to admit that the playability isn't as good as with my other maps, the experimental origin makes up for some interesting visual experience.

Game: Quake Deathmatch
Size: 2 - 8 players
Released: January 21, 2001

The latest original piece from Gom Jabbar! Nicely textured in a medieval manner (reminds me of a Rune level), with some stunning lighting effects. Solid and spread out design is a nice depature from the more vertical levels. Nonetheless, the play begins to get a little monotonous after a while. But until that point, this level is a blast, and easily outdoes any of Gom's previous work.


Pretty Hate Machine (gomdm4)

With Pretty Hate Machine I tried myself on a map with a larger scale than my previous maps and at the same time enhance my level design from a visual point of view. As there weren't any Quake modifications offering colored lighting (those were the days…) I tried to recreate a similar feeling with my choice of textures. All in all I think that I succeeded in creating a map with a cool, threatening atmosphere and some nice gameplay.

Pretty Hate Machine
Game: Quake Deathmatch
Size: 4 - 6 players
Released: February 11, 2000

GomDM4 was a pleasant surprise as I've never been keen on Gom's previous maps which all seemed well designed but didn't inspire me. But GomDM4's blue-tinged Q2 power style and clean designs appeal a lot more, and in particular I like the broad corridors and generally spacious atriums, because in a FFA it's quite easy to avoid rockets and even fight back from respawning before getting good weapons.


Imaginations from the other side (gomdm3)

Building on the experience I earned with Hammer Down I created my second Quake deathmatch map: Imaginations from the other side. The emphasis was placed on gameplay again although I took more care of the visual appearance of the map this time. By using three dimensionality to some extend and having a more winding layout Imaginations from the other side is aimed at two to four player matches, although the map is not bigger than Hammer Down.

Imaginations from the other side
Game: Quake Deathmatch
Size: 2 - 4 players
Released: February 18, 1999

Like Gom Jabbars previous map, Hammer Down, I love playing this map. It provides that feeling of you just can't get away.


Hammer Down (gomdm2)

Hammer Down was realeased shortly after my Quake II map Infernal Base and is a classic for 1 on 1 matches. The main focus for this level has been gameplay, thus I created a simple layout with great connectivity. The layout, paired with extensive playtesting, eventually became one of the fastest and most intense Quake deathmatch maps.

Hammer Down
Game: Quake Deathmatch
Size: 1 on 1
Released: October 5, 1998

Gom Jabbar's first map for Quake is a tough 1-on-1 piece. This map is extremely fast with an excellent layout, superb connectivity and a fist full of 3D. Playing like a Rocket Arena, you'll have to keep the "hammer down" on your opponent taking the fight right to them at every turn. If you let up or falter, it'll be a very long day. This map is a damn good play and will blast the Q2 cobwebs right out the side of your skull.

The Ramshackle


My first and up to now only released level for Cube, an unconventional first person shooter engine by Wouter van Oortmerssen which is available as open source. The basic building element of the engine is the cube - hence the name - which makes creating interesting levels a challenge but a nice experience nonetheless.

Game: Cube Singleplayer
Released: October 24, 2003

this is a cool Cube SP map, notable for its very good base style and detailing in the architecture, a refreshing change from the "Egyptian temple" textures.


Infernal Base (gomdm1)

Not the greatest map but definitely one I am proud of because it was the first one I ever released, actually the first one I ever finished.

Infernal Base
Game: Quake II Deathmatch
Size: 2 - 4 players
Released: September 2, 1998

The "Infernal Base" lives up to its name. Large and leering, this piece will kick your ass and whole family into next week. One look at its size, connectivity and weapons load will convince you. Be prepared for smouldering action amidst a solid blend of form, function and texture.

The Ramshackle