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Knowing the filmography of Christopher Nolan - which includes movies like Memento, The Dark Knight and Inception amongst others - I expected quite a lot from this flick. Not too much, apparently, as Interstellar is absolutely epic. Right from the start I was totally immersed in it and only realized its runtime of 167 minutes after looking at my watch at 1:45 am, when the credits were rolling.

The more time I spend thinking about Interstellar the more it grows on me and with every thought it's getting clearer that the movie is excellent in many regards: The performance by the whole cast is compelling, with the the main characters played by Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway as well as Mackenzie Foy standing out, the images are beautiful and the score is absolutely fabulous, Hans Zimmer outdid himself once again. Even the science seems to be pretty spot on, at least according to Neil deGrasse Tyson whom I trust on this. I even ordered a copy of The Science of Interstellar today to recap the science part.

To sum it up, Interstellar is a beautiful movie taking you on a trip through space and time you won't forget.

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