OS X Yosemite - More elegant from A to Z?


For some, the choice of a font may not be a big deal. But to us, it’s an integral part of the interface. In OS X Yosemite, fonts have been refined systemwide to be more legible and consistent across the Mac experience. You’ll notice a fresh, new typeface in app windows, menu bars, and throughout the system. The type looks great on any Mac, and even more stunning on a Mac with a Retina display.

Apple Inc.

Yes, the right font is a big deal for me as well but no, the new type does not look great at all on my non retina displays, quite the contrary.

This "refinement" is really hard for me to understand, coming from a company with such a font expertise. Please fix this, Apple, as I won't be buying a new MacBook just to enjoy Helvetica Neue.

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